nDroid: Keyboard Based Application Launcher

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If you have good habit of searching files and run instead of getting all through your hard disk then nDroid is the way to go. nDroid a.k.a 320mph is an ultra fast anything launcher that can open documents, play songs, open browser bookmarks, lookup web references, find torrents, do online searches and a lot more than you expect.

As soon as you type the file name, it starts searching for it in real-time. Sounds simple? Yeh, but nDroid is a little more than just a file searcher because it has option to do a lot more things with the help of plugins and vast configurable options.

You don’t have to install nDroid. It comes as a ZIP archive and you just have to run the EXE file. nDroid will quietly sit into your taskbar. On first run you have to make a Path List by giving different locations of your hard disk where you want nDroid to gain access for fast searching (I gave all my hard disk access to nDroid for better file searching). When you are done giving paths, close the window. Now press Ctrl + Alt + Z and start searching files Ultra Fast.

nDroid: Keyboard Based Application Launcher

nDroid comes with a couple of options to configure for better experience such as tweaking shortcuts to suit your needs. Plugin support makes it unique than any other file launcher. You can open Run Commands directly like if you type in ‘cmd’ and press Ctrl + Enter command prompt will open. You can also ‘Enqueue files in Winamp’ with keyboard shortcuts!

Some features according to the official website are given below:

  • Indexes your start menu, desktop, documents and favorite websites, and can launch all these with just a few keystrokes.
  • Can also serve as the Start Menu ‘Run’ option
  • Though its interface is sleek, it doesn’t expend system resources on looking good. Its purpose is to find what you’re looking for, with minimal effort and do it fast. And that’s what it does.
  • Though the memory used by nDroid is minimal, it can be used in Not-Always-Running mode. Here its launched by hotkey as needed, and exits right after launching an app.
  • Calculator : Type a ‘?’ followed by a mathematical expression and nDroid calculates the answer.
  • It supports plugins to extend its action and search capabilities.

I’ll leave the rest for you all to explore and try. It was quite confusing for me at first, but once started using it I found it very useful.
Get nDroid now its free.

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