5 Resources to Get Free Plurk Layouts

by on October 4, 2008
in Design, Internet

Hi, this is Muhammad Siyab and this is my first post on Sizzled Core as the second author. To introduce myself, I blog about blog strategy, design and general blogging tips at PuttingBlogsFirst . It would be a pleasure writing here and I hope you enjoy my articles.

Plurk is a popular social media network. Your Plurk page can be styled with backgrounds and formatted with font options. But who wants to do it themselves when there are Plurk layouts freely available?

Here are 5 places you can get free Plurk layouts from:

  • Plurk Layouts – A massive collection of free Plurk layouts divided into many categories. There is also a Plurk for Beginners guide, if you be interested. You can also get a layout custom built for yourself!
  • Flickr Plurk Themes Pool – A collection of Plurk themes from all over on Flickr. There are 340 themes (as of writing this post) currently in the pool, so there is a lot of variety.
  • Plurk Themes – A growing database of impressive Plurk layouts. Not so big as the above two, but good enough! :)
  • Plurk Templates – Another massive collection of Plurk templates. The templates here are based on a wide variety of topics, so it shouldn’t be hard to pick one you like!
  • Plurk Theme Sate Babi – A relatively unknown collection of quite impressive Plurk themes, with around 15 themes available. Moreover there are other styling tips and techniques too, so you can fiddle around with your Plurk layout all you want!

So, where do you get your Plurk layouts from? Do let us know!

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  • Thanks a lot for the link! Great article. :)

  • Kato

    Thank you very much!)

  • thanks for the links. :) I got my layout on plurk layouts. :) you can visit mine http://www.plurk.com/rocell :)

  • thanks a LOT for these!
    am now using preset plurk layout from plurk theme. YAY! :D

  • Eysh

    You should add plurk-layout.com :-)

    Thanks for the links!

  • Not all of these are free. In fact, most of them are NOT free.