Now Stumble Anywhere, Everywhere!

by on October 3, 2008
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Now Stumble Anywhere, Everywhere!StumbleUpon is a popular bookmarking service which lets users discover and share new websites and blogs based on topics of similar interest using a toolbar which has to be installed in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Yesterday, they announced a new way to discover websites and blogs, which requires no more installing of their toolbar or any registration.

Now Stumble Anywhere, Everywhere!

Garrett Camp, the company co-founder said in a statement:

“By allowing people to now Stumble without registering or downloading a toolbar, we will surface the best content on the Web to an even wider audience,”

Now visitors can just visit the SU homepage and discover sites like registered users. It is reported that SU is soon going to upgrade its navigation, profile pages, user reviews, and ratings and comments. Non-registered will also be able to track their favourite posts from the homepage soon.

StumbleUpon also announced new partner program that lets can integrate a StumbleUpon toolbar that Stumbles content only with one site. Since it’s in early stages, they have only chose four participating sites: HowStuffWorks, The Huffington Post, National Geographic and Rolling Stone. You can see a live demo here.

Now SU fans won’t have to worry about discovering websites in browsers like Opera, Chrome etc. as no more toolbar is required!

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