New MacBook Pro Leaked Pics

by on October 3, 2008
in Apple

Just like the leakage of all other Apple products, we are again here with another gadget’s spy shots and this time it’s MacBook Pro!

ModMyI received an email today from some tipster Techno Minds claiming to leak a photo of the upcoming, sexy MacBook Pro. These pictures are said to be taken by an Apple employee who works on their design team.

New MacBook Pro Leaked Pics

The picture was made public on ModMyI by “cash7c3” and was taken from a camera phone. Some interesting details about MacBook Pro were also included i.e

  • The ‘Touchpad Dock’ rumor is false
  • A new magnetic opening/closing system is in place
  • The top of the ‘shell’ is gloss, similar to the iPhone and the bottom is aluminum.
  • The iSight is hidden nicely in the glossy frame
  • The keyboard is similar to the MacBook Air keyboard
  • No curved edges

That source also included a mockup of the new MacBook Pro and this seems to be pretty much authentic as the source is from Apple’s design team.

New MacBook Pro Leaked Pics

There has been no news by Apple about the new MacBook, so keep ur fingers crossed about the final product and we’ll keep you updated with the latest news and pictures.

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  • fake!

  • Josh

    Oh my gosh, this looks so fake…. All you have to do is change the keyboard black, change the cover black and there you go!

    Have some imagination at least!

  • Rk

    ..Yeah, its fake…Carlos, Look @ the detailed pictures from the 15″ apple MB pro…and 17″ isnt out yet, they are having problems with the optical drive. So research before you make accusations..hint, the mousepad is all wrong. and the top half is supposed to be Aluminium. Look it up.