Free Utility To Tweak Yahoo Messenger

by on September 29, 2008
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Yahoo Messenger 9.0 (final version) was released for public download a few days back and introduced many new features along with improvements in existing ones.

Just like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger also display ads at the bottom of the main window and sometimes they do get irritating with flashy ads. We have also shared a trick on how to remove ads in Yahoo Messenger earlier, but this new tool comes with more interesting tweaks for your Yahoo Messenger.

Free Utility To Tweak Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger Tweaker is an easy to use tool that lets you change few settings in Yahoo Messenger that can’t be changed normally and is compatible with the latest release. I don’t know if this is the latest release as I found this on an underground forum.

Its features include:

  • Open multiple instances of Y! Messenger
  • Remove advertisements
  • Enable tabs
  • Rename Y! Messenger titlebar
  • Change login animation
  • Grab other’s avatar

If you are a regular user of Y! Messenger, I recommend you to give this a try and customize Yahoo Messenger like you want.

Download Yahoo Messenger Tweaker


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