25 Web Proxies To Surf Web Anonymously

by on September 27, 2008
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Popular social networks and bookmarking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. are all blocked in schools and workplaces. One way of going through these blocked sites is to use a proxy server in your browser, but that doesn’t always help as free servers go down quite often.

When I needed to access my favourite sites like Facebook in my school, I used web proxy sites that allowed anonymous browsing.

Another advantage of web proxies is that they help you protect your identity online. They hide your IP address and enable you to surf the web under their location. I have compiled a list of 25 web proxies that you can use to access blocked sites.

25 Web Proxies To Surf Web Anonymously

If you are looking for a proxy to access Digg, check out hese free Digg alternative URLS here!

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  • Nice sharing!

    It will be nice if you could share with us how to surf as other country users. Let say surf as an american while you are physically in UK. Because some services like search engine shows different results with different users’ location.


  • Just want to add http://proxyfreely.com/ to the list. Thanks.