Google G1 Officially Announced

by on September 24, 2008
in Gadgets, Google

It is here! The most awaited HTC handset has been officially announced at a press conference in New York today on September 23rd, 2008.

It is set to launch on October 22nd and will be sold for $179 in the US with a two-year contract. Some of the features revealed are: WiFi, 1GB storage space, 3 Megapixel camera etc. You can see a complete list of features after the jump.


  • HSDPA 1700 / 2100 plus quadband EDGE
  • WiFi
  • 3D graphics acceleration
  • 1GB integrated storage plus microSD expansion
  • 3-megapixel camera
  • Android Market for on-device app purchases
  • Amazon MP3 app for on-device music purchases
  • Push Gmail support with full HTML client
  • Bluetooth (but no A2DP)
  • Google Maps with Street View
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  • Bob

    This phone isn’t actually called the “Google G1″….

  • Is there any chance of this device coming to international market anytime soon?

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