Create GIF Animations from YouTube, Flickr etc.

by on September 21, 2008
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GIF animations are widely used in signatures on discussion boards, social networking sites like MySpace or as animated avatars on forums.

In the past we have shared how you can create GIF animations online, but that only supported static images that you upload from your PC.

Create GIF Animations from YouTube, Flickr etc.Gickr is a free service that lets you create GIF animations from any YouTube video or from your Flickr account. You can create funny flashy slideshows with you and your friends, cartoons, previews, banners, etc. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to install anything and everything is done online.

It gives user a few options to choose for his GIF image, like the size and number of frames he want. The maximum size is 200 pixels and that of frames are 45 frames.

Create GIF Animations from YouTube, Flickr etc.

Moreover, it also lets you upload images from your computer and create GIFs out of them. I’d recommend you to give this a try if you want to make quick and small GIF animations with your photos.

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