Firefox 3.1 Getting Private Browsing

by on September 14, 2008
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The recent trend of incorporating porn aka privacy mode in browsers is getting more and more popular with every browser trying to add this feature in it.

As far as I remember, Apple was the first one to add this feature as Stealth mode in Safari. Then came Internet Explorer 8 with the same feature as InPrivate and now the most recently released browser Google Chrome also has this as Incognito.

Firefox 3.1 Getting Private BrowsingFirefox was the only browser without this mode and now Mozilla plans to add Private Browsing mode in Firefox 3.1, when it releases by the end of this year.

Private Browsing protects your privacy by not storing any information of sites you visit, cookies, any kind of browsing history etc. It will only save what the user downloads or add bookmarks himself. Otherwise it leaves no trace of your browsing after you close the Private Browsing mode.

The purpose of private browsing is to put Firefox into a temporary state where no information about the user’s browsing session is stored locally. Firefox currently handles the user’s privacy with a feature in preferences to clear all private data. This feature forces the user to choose between having privacy (even if only momentary), and other useful features like browsing history, and saved passwords. Users should be able to go “off the record”, they shouldn’t have to shoot the reporter.

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