New iPods: Features and Pictures

by on September 10, 2008
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Moments before I wrote about how and from where you can watch the on-going Apple’s Let’s Rock event. And just as I finished that article, new iPods and their features were announced along with their pictures.

You can read about them below after the jump and do let me know if you like the new thin ones, or prefer the think old ones.

iPod Nano

The latest fourth generation iPod Nano is really skinny as rumoured before, with a curved aluminum design, curved glass. It is much durable than before with enhanced UI and new features. now supporting 8GB for $150 and 16GB for $199.

New iPods: Features and Pictures

New iPods: Features and Pictures

New features in iPod Nano inlcludes a voice-recorder, integrated accelerometer for music shuffle and new headphones that also now have a micro remote and microphone. Battery life doesn’t seem to have improved: 24 hours of music, 4 hours of video.

You will also be albe to create Genius playlist creation right from the Nano, even when not created in iTunes.

iPod Classic

For all the storage junkies, iPod Classic has been bumped from 80GB to 120GB storage space for the same price we all know of $250.

New iPods: Features and Pictures

The new iPod Classic will be offered in two models, one of them is the 120GB which will be sold for $249 in two colours, black and silver. This new iPod is much thinner than its predecessors and you will be able to hold 30,000 songs in your pocket.

iPod Touch

For iPod Touch 2G, click here!

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