Multi Protocol Instant Messaging with Miranda IM

by on September 9, 2008
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Popular multi protocol messengers like Digsby, Pidgin all provide nice features and options to use with different IMs, but one thing I noticed about them is that their memory usage is higher than others.

Today I came across another multi-protocol messenger called Miranda IM. It is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows. It is smaller, faster and easier than others and is also very light on system resources.

It provides a basic feature set with support of all the popular IM clients i.e MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ. Miranda IM is one of the most flexible and customizable messaging clients on the planet which brings support for about 350 plugins.

Multi Protocol Instant Messaging with Miranda IM

Miranda IM only comes with with basic options like contacts list, online status etc. Chat interface is also very simple and you will be disappointed to see no text formatting options or funky emoticons like you see in Windows Live or Yahoo Messenger.

It provides the ability to modify, customise and extend functionality to make it your own. Miranda IM can be used as a portable app and can be carried anywhere in a USB drive (and a floppy drive as well) because it does not require any installation.

Download Miranda IM

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