Create Online Business Cards with MeeID

by on September 8, 2008
in Internet, Web 2.0

Ever wanted to aggregate all your online social sites profile links into one simple contact card? I had this problem but today I found a very nice service that solves by problem in just 10 lines!

MeeID is a web app that gives you 10 lines to write about yourself, your social profiles or what you do. It’s sort of an online business card where you add links to your Facebook, Twitter etc profiles and share them with your friends.

Create Online Business Cards with MeeID

You can give a little introduction about yourself and let everyone know about your multiple online identities. If you feel you are out of ideas on how to personalize your card, you can check out some here.

The only limitation MeeID has is the 10 lines limit otherwise it’s an interesting service to try out.


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  • Nice one. I think I have to use it to show funny things about my self.. thanks for sharing..