Shutdown PC Automatically with EasyShutdown

by on September 7, 2008
in Tools, Windows XP

Many of you download large files from the Internet, and in countries like India and Pakistan where we don’t have lightening fast Internet speeds, we have to keep our PCs on for long till the download finishes. My PC stays on whole night as I download a lot.

I have found this very small freeware that can shutdown your PC after a duration of specified minutes. EasyShutdown lets you instantly shutdown or restart your computer or you can delay it by a few minutes.

Once you lauch this app, it sits in your taskbar tray and will inform you once it reaches shutdown time. It can also force quit applications that cause problems while quiting.

Shutdown PC Automatically with EasyShutdown

If my file download time remains 45 minutes, I delay the auto shutdown by 60 minutes as you never know the exact (accurate) time when your download will finish. It’s fast session locking and logging off through the EasyShutdown tray menu can prevent unauthorized access to your machine when your system is left unattended.

EasyShutdown requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run. It is compatible with both, Windows XP and Vista.

Download EasyShutdown

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  • heuline

    windows live messenger se coupe souvent est ce que vous pouvez m expliquer pourquoi merci

  • Nice software i will try it … But i think PC Auto Shutdown is a better software…Anyways thanks for sharing

  • lvs

    beauty! Just what the doctor ordered. This is a life saver for me.

  • blademonkey

    save this as a batch file and run it.
    it will prompt you for seconds, so if you want to do 15 minutes, you’ll have to put in 900.

    @echo off
    set /p input=how long still shutdown:
    sleep %input%
    shutdown -t 20 -f -s -c “Sheduled Shutdown”

  • Anonymous

    when I was downloading something, I will chose  the  Shutdown PC Automatically….
    it’s very useful and energy saving