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by on September 7, 2008
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Twitter is no doubt the most popular micro-blogging site. There are hundreds of Twitter-related services available online (few reviewed here), but this time what I have found is going to be liked by all the Digg users who are on Twitter.

TwiggIt is an automated service that mashes up two of the most popular sites on the Internet, Digg and Twitter, and lets your friends on Twitter know what articles you Digg.

Share Digg Articles on Twitter with TwiggItSign up at TwiggIt with your Digg username and use your Twitter username and password to associate your Digg-Twitter account. Next you have to do is show some appreciation on Digg by digging up articles, and TwiggIt will do the rest. It will tweet the article title and link so that your followers can see what you are digging.

TwiggIt also gives you the option to tweet about articles that only you submit to Digg. Other articles that you digg will be ignored. Of if you don’t find this service useful or sense your followers are getting spammed by your frequent diggs, you can stop this service anytime from your profile page on TwiggIt.

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