Upload Photos by Email to Picasa Web Albums

by on September 6, 2008
in Google, Tips and Tricks

Picasa Web Albums is a free photo-sharing web app site by Google that allows you to organize and edit your photos online and share them with your family and friends. It also has a native application for your desktop so that you can easily upload new photos.

It gives users two methods to upload photos. One is to upload from your browser, and the other is by Picasa (desktop application). Another method I found to upload photos is by email. You can upload new photos by email in whatever you album you want.

How To Upload Photos by Email to Picasa Web Albums

1. Open your Picasa Web Albums account.

2. Go to Settings from top right.

3. Go to the fifth option “Upload Photos by Email” and check Allow me to upload photos by email.

4. Enter a secret word and under the box you will see a unique email address for you.

5. Save your settings!

Now whenever you want to upload photos by email, all you have to do is attach photos in an email and send it to your unique Picasa Web Albums email address. If you want to upload photos to a specific album, then enter the album name in the Subject field of your email.

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  • anonymus

    is it only for uploading from gmail????
    because, i doesn´t work with my yahoo! mail, when trying to send it….
    any one has the same problem????