GIFMake: Create GIF Animations Online

by on September 6, 2008
in Internet, Tools

Today I needed to create an animated GIF out of a few static images. I googled for some free animators, but none of them produced good output, and most of them put a watermark in the image.

During my search, I stumbled across a free online tool that could create GIF animations. GIFMake is the service I’m talking about. It can create GIF animations from static images which are in the format GIF, JPEG and PNG.

This service can also work the other way round. I mean if you want to decompose an already animated GIF into static images, it can also that that.

GIFMake: Create GIF Animations Online

Images can be uploaded from your computer or through a URL. Then set the number of loops you want for your animated GIF. It also give options to resize images to be of same size, or you can also enter the width yourself. Finally press the “Generate GIF” button.

Now you will be asked to enter the duration of every image. If you later decide to remove some images from the GIF you created, GIFMake also lets you do that.

GIFMake: Create GIF Animations Online

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