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by on September 4, 2008
in Internet

Usually when you visit sites or blogs, you can see a “Subscribe via Email” link, or a email subscription form like the one on this blog’s sidebar. These help visitors to subscribe to blog updates through email and receive all the updates right in their inbox.

Today I across an interesting service that come in handy if a blog/site does not offer email RSS subscriptions.

Receive RSS Updates on Email with SendMeRSS

SendMeRSS is a free service that emails you RSS updates from a site straight to your email inbox. This service can be used if your favourite blogs/websites offers RSS feed subscription, but do not provide email updates.

Just go to the Add a Feed page where you’ll find a box labeled “RSS Feed URL”. Type in the address of the RSS feed you want sent to you, enter your email and click “Go”. You’ll receive an email explaining how to activate your subscription.

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