Encrypt Personal Data with LockCrypt

by on September 4, 2008
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I have shared many freewares that offer file encryption and posted tricks to lock your personal data over the last few months. Using them you can protect your confidential data from unauthorized access.

LockCrypt is a free, easy to use account management program which provides a secure, central database to store difficult to remember passwords and other personal information.

You can store your personal information in LockCrypt because it protects your data from phishing attempts with strong encryption. Some key features of LockCrypt are:

  • Provides secure storage for your data.
  • Create groups to help keep your accounts organized.
  • Also includes a password generator.
  • Easily export your data to XML, CSV, HTML or Plain text files.
  • Provides secure clipboard to protect your passwords.

If you store your personal information like credit cards, telephone numbers etc in your PC, then I’d recommend you to give LockCrypt a try.

Download LockCrypt

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