BackType: Find, Follow and Share Comments

by on September 4, 2008
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Comments play a very important role in social media i.e blogs, Digg etc. Millions of comments are given every day, and tracking everyone’s comments is not an easy job. What if you get to follow comments by your friends all in one place? Enter BackType.

BackType is a website that lets people find, follow and share comments from across the web. It’s technology crawls and indexes millions of comments so you can search them by topic or follow those written by the people you care about.

When you comment on a blog/website using your name and blog URL, BackType collects them all at one place where people can read, find and share them with others.

Every member is given a profile which shows all the comments made by him on the Internet. BackType automatically indexes all the comments and do not require blogs to install any plugins or thrid party applications.

BackType is a really nice service that lets search for comments on a specific topic, and share them as well though email.

BackType: Find, Follow and Share Comments

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