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by on September 3, 2008
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You must have already guessed by my last 2 posts how excited I am about Google Chrome. I downloaded Chrome as soon as it was made live for public and closed Firefox for sometime while I try this new browser by Google.

If you are still wondering what in the world is Chrome, then it goes like this: Google Chrome is an open-source web browser by Google based on the WebKit engine. It combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier, and aims to improve stability, speed and security.

Google Chrome

Below I have done a feature and screenshot preview of Google Chrome. All major features have been briefly described.

Omnibox – Chrome’s Awesome Bar

Google Chrome

Google’s version of awesome bar includes Web search, Web history, Address bar and Suggestions all in one unified box that will serve all your browsing needs.

Most Visted Sites

Google Chrome

Whenever you open a new tab, Google Chrome displays the “Most visited” area that show websites you use most often. After using Google Chrome for a while, you will see your most visited sites whenever you open a new tab. The boxes are similar to the Speed Dial feature of Opera.

Incognito aka Porn Mode

Google Chrome

Google Chrome also features a privacy mode called Incognito which is similar to InPrivate in IE8. Pages you view in that window won’t appear in your browser history or search history, and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. You can also access this quickly with a shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N

Google Gears Integration

Google Chrome

Chrome has an inbuilt Gears support for websites that allow Google Gears which helps to load the web pages much faster.

Drag and Drop Tabs

Google Chrome

You can drag and drop tabs in and out of Chrome windows to create new window of a tab, or you can drag windows back to another window to make it a tab.

Application Shortcuts

Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to create application shortcuts to launch your favorite web application in a window right from your desktop. These applications will open in a new window without any toolbars or address bar.

Download Bar

Google Chrome

Chrome does not have any download manager windows, but just a simple, clean download bar at the bottom that will show your current running downloads.

Task Manager

Google Chrome

If you would like to check how much memory each of your Chrome tab is using, you can check that from its inbuilt Task Manager. You can open it by right-clicking in the empty blue area at the top, and select Task Manager.

There’s still a lot to explore in Google Chrome, and I’m sure in the coming few days you will see interesting updates and tips related to Google Chrome. I’d leave the rest for you to explore. Let me know hwo much you liked it, and if there’s any chance you would dump Firefox for this new open-source browser by Google.

Google Chrome is available in about 100 languages and currently supports only Windows XP and Vista. According to Google, the Mac and Linux versions are in development and will be released soon in the further updates.

For now, I’d recommend you all to give this browser a try!

Download Google Chrome

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