QuarkBase: Everything About a Website

by on August 31, 2008
in Internet, Tools

There are many online tools that provide different kind of information about websites, but none them provide accurate and up-to-date statistics. Most such services are paid, but here’s one service that is free to use and provide results equivalent to paid tools.

QuarkBase is a free online tool to find complete information about a website. It is a mashup of over 30 data sources and many algorithms gathering information from Internet on various topics like social popularity, traffic, associated people, etc.

QuarkBase: Everything About a Website

The home page it very similar to that of Google where you only have to enter the website URL and wait while it populates all the data for that website.

Your site information is displayed in six categories: Introduction, Social Popularity, Traffic, People, Spotlight and Technical. You can also find information about your site popularity on social networks like the number of comments and votes on Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc.

I’d recommend this site to anyone who wants quick and easy information about any website, as QuarkBase provides very accurate results and displayes them in a very organized way.


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