Tinymail: Shorten and Protect Email Address

by on August 29, 2008
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One thing you learn as soon as you start using the Internet is that you should never publish your email address, because if you do, spam bots are always ready for such valuable information.

Nowadays people suggest to use images or write your email in the following format name [at] domain [dot] com in forums or websites to prevent spam.

Tinymail: Shorten and Protect Email Address

Tinymail is a free service that shortens (if its long) and protects your email address online from being caught by spam bots. It provides an extra layer of security and privacy protection for your email addresses. Your email address is embeded in a code that can be displayed on any public site.

The Tinymail code shows a small part of your email address and a link to the profile page where you have to enter the captcha in order to see the full email address. Simply visit the site, enter your email address and click the “Protect It” button. Next page will give you the HTML, BB-Code and a standard link of your masked email address.

In my opinion, it is quite a hassle to get someone’s email address usign this method, but at least it will protect you from the nuisance of spam.


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  • This certainly will protect our email from spammers

  • jayishot

    thanks for this info dude!

  • We actually just launched a site ( http://e-shorten.com/ ) a few weeks ago where people can get a permanent short email address. It makes it easy for people to give out a short e-mail address instead of their regular one too.

    We use a quite few domains to give people a chance at their first name only, including Howdy.Do, Aim4.Me, 2Em.Me and 2Hey.me