Make iPhone Themes for Free Online

by on August 29, 2008
in Design, iPhone, Tips and Tricks

There are thousands of free iPhone themes available for download. But sometimes, you might not like the themes that have been made by others. You would like to have your own custom theme.

iPhone Theme Maker is very nice web generator that allows you to create themes online and use them on your iPhone.

Make iPhone Themes for Free

It lets you customize your theme by adding a wallpaper, and changing the dock background and status image. You can upload your own images from the computer, or use the existing ones that are in its gallery. It also allows you to upload new icons for Text, Calendar, Photos etc. The changes you make to the theme are previewed on the left side.

Once you finish making your theme, click the “Compile Theme” button to download it. They can be downloaded in ZIP and PXL formats. It also generates a unique theme key that can be used for editing the theme later on that site.

iPhone Theme Maker

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