Watch YouTube Videos In Firefox Sidebar

Watching videos online is my favourite time wasting activity after Facebook. I love to watch funny videos, movie trailers etc. I find all these at YouTube, the best video-sharing site!

Now you can watch your favourite videos right from Firefox sidebar while you work or browse the web. YouPlayer is a Firefox extension that lets you play videos from popular video sharing sites in your Firefox sidebar.

It is a video player having a playlist similar to Winamp where you can drag and drop video links, watch them there or download to your computer. Currently it supports four of the most popular video sharing sites: Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace and YouTube.

Watch YouTube Videos In Firefox Sidebar

YouPlayer not only plays only videos, but also the ones that are already on your hard drive. All you have to do is add them in the playlist and it will play them for you. YouPlayer also allows you to download video files! Just right-click it on the playlist and select ‘download’.

It only supports FLV format. Other formats like AVI, MOV or MPEG are not supported.

Download YouPlayer

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