Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3 Features

by on August 27, 2008
in Windows

Soon Microsoft is going to release new features for its services in the third wave of Windows Live updates. A couple of days ago I wrote about the leaked upcoming version of Windows Live Messenger 9.

Today I came across the Windows Live Hotmail promotion site which tells about all the new goodies that we’ll see in the next wave of Windows Live updates.

Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3 Features

Here is the summary of all the new features:

Space: Now you don’t have to worry about your Inbox getting full, because your inbox space will increase as your needs grow.

Speed: The new Live Hotmail is going to be 70% faster on sign in (50% for non-broadband users). I guess Gmail should also start working on their sign in speed.

Anti-Spam: Its powerful anti-spam technology deflects spam and helps protect you against viruses and scams.

Themes: New themes and colors will let you design the look of your inbox, so your personality can really shine through.

In-Built IM: This isn’t something new. All major mail services already have this i.e Gmail, Yahoo. Windows Live Messenger will be integrated in to Hotmail.

More features will be found out once Hotmail beta gets opened for public.


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    Update: Cache refreshed. You can see it now.

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