Tweak and Enhance Windows with XNeat

by on August 27, 2008
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Few days ago, I wrote about how you can rearrange your taskbar items and buttons, and there an commenter asked me to try out this another cool windows tweaking manager.

XNeat is a free tool that adds additional functionality to your desktop that you wished Microsoft had included. This very handy windows enhancement utility gives you full control over your windows and combines many useful programs and tweaks into one.


  • Hide windows
  • Minimize windows to tray
  • Roll up window
  • Set a certain transparency level
  • Assign keyboard shortcuts
  • Arrange taskbar buttons
  • Change process/windows priority
  • Change taskbar appearance
  • And much more!

This tool is very easy to use and download. And the best thing is that it does not use much system resources. It comes in two versions: free and pro.

It is fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Download XNeat Windows Manager

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  • I tried this app a couple of days back and honestly speaking, the features are all nice but there are still bugs and glitches.

    If you have XNeat running and you close it from the tray icon, your computer will hang! I tried this three times and every time I closed the application, my computer would hang and I had to reset the computer each time through the reset button on my pc casing.

    So this app sucks. I only wanted to use it for shuffling apps in the taskbar and Taskbar Shuffle works fine for that.

  • Stumpler

    Thanks for this perfect software (Y)