Windows Live Messenger 9 Leaked Again

There has been another leakage from the Windows Live Messenger team. Previously, an initial alpha release was leaked which introduced some interesting new features.

And once again, another build was leaked on torrents and underground forums spreading it like wild fire. The latest build of Windows Live Messenger 9 is 14.0.3921.717. The latest build features a much more clear, colourful and stylish interface.

Windows Live Messenger 9 Build 14.0.3921.717 Leaked - Download Now!After downloading (links below) and installing, the first change you will see is the partial makeover of the main and chat windows. They haven’t been completely revamped, but many noticable changes have been made.

Two new features are found in this leaked build. One is the new photo-sharing utility that lets your contacts to share and browse photos simultaneously, and the other one is “Groups” which can create group sessions like never before. other features that are also expected to hit the final release are:

  • Sign-in from multiple locations
  • Report and block users who spam via IM – SPIM feature
  • Clickable links in Status Message like Google Talk
  • Animated display pictures
  • Personalized signature and per contact sounds

Live Messenger 9 now also includes WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) features.

Download Link
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

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  • lol! I wonder if this is a real “leak” or just a method to create some pre-launch hype ::giggles:: This is microsoft u know, with certain marketing strategies!

    In any case, good features in msn are always welcome :D

  • masoud123

    Thanks man.

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  • amzmsf

    thank you