iPhone Gets Copy and Paste

by on August 21, 2008
in Apple, iPhone

One of the most common complaints by the iPhone users is that there is no copy and paste functionality. Everyone expected this to be solved in iPhone 3G, but Apple didn’t bother to implement it as it was not of priority.

With OpenClip, the new open-source community project, iPhone app developers can add the copy and paste functionality in some apps where it is much needed.

OpenClip is not an application that will run in the background, but a framework that can be used by iPhone app developers to add the copy and paste functionality to their applications. You no longer will have to beg Apple to add this feature.

Now you only hope that the developers of your favourite app make use of this framework, and provide a much needed feature. WordPress iPhone app is already using this and soon you will see more apps with it.

This OpenClip framework is completely non-profit and open source. Only time will tell how many app developers make use of it.

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