How To Delete Locked and In-Use Files

by on August 21, 2008
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Many times you must have come across files that you may not be able to delete because they were in use or are locked. I have posted a trick in the past, but even if that doesn’t work, you can try this cool app I found.

KillBox is a free tool that lets you delete files that are in-use (currently running) or are locked. It does this by killing the running process of that file and deletes it.

If some files have loaded their DLLs or are services that can not be stopped, then it will use the native Windows function of deleting or replacing in-use files on the next reboot.

There are four ways by which you can add files to KillBox:

  • Copy file names one at a time and paste them into the Combobox.
  • Copy an entire text file and use the File > Paste from Clipboard function to add all filenames at once.
  • Browse for the desired file using the browse button.
  • Drag & Drop a file from Windows Explorer to the KillBox Combobox.

Download KillBox

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  • George J Miller

    I found Killbox to work great on the RECYCLER trojan