Backup Files for Free with AceBackup

I was looking for a backup software which was equal to a paid software in features, and I don’t have to spend a single buck on it. I’m quite careful about backups because the last time I got a virus in my computer, it caused a lot of damage.

AceBackup is a free softare that can make secure backups of your data and store it on any local storage device, on CD, DVD or on your remote FTP server. This useful software was once a shareware, but now is available for free download.


  • 256-bit encryption for data
  • Remote FTP backups
  • Powerful scheduler for scheduled backups
  • Multiple versioning of backups
  • Integrated ZIP compression
  • Flexible source selection
  • Easy-to-use interface

AceBackup is a powerful and user-friendly backup program. With only a few mouse-clicks you can back up your data to some safe place.

Download AceBackup

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