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by on August 20, 2008
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There are hundreds of Twitter-related services available online (few reviewed here), but this is one of the best I have found. I’m sure none of you would like to lose your Twitter buddies and tweets that you’ve made.

Tweetake lets you backup your Twitter profile (your tweets, friends, followers and favourites) into a CSV file and keep it safe in your PC. Since Twitter still has frequent downtimes, you might lose data anytime.

Backup Twitter Profile (Followers, Friends, Favourites, Your Tweets) with TweetakeJust like other Twitter-related tools and services, this one is also very simple and easy to use. Just enter your Twitter username and password, and select what you want to backup: followers, friends, favourites, your tweets or everything!

Here are some possible reasons why you should use this service:

  • Twitter may lose followers again like it did in June / July
  • You may change your Twitter name and want to re-follow the people you were following, and contact the people who were following you
  • You may want to refer to an older Tweet – currently Twitter does not keep all of your older Tweets
  • You may just like backing things up, ‘just in case’.

This is a very useful Twitter backup tool, which lets you backup your profile in a single click. The CSV file can be opened with any text editor.

Backup Twitter Profile

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