Send Anonymous Emails with Note2Email

by on August 15, 2008
in Internet, Tips and Tricks, Web 2.0

Note2Email is a very simple web service that allows you to send quick notes to any email address you want. You don’t need to signup for any usernames. You can simple write down and send!

You can also use this service to send emails anonymously to anyone and on any email address you want. When you send a note at someone’s email address, your IP address is not sent in the message header because Note2Email routes all the messages from its own servers, thus completely hiding your identity (IP address).

This service was never meant to use it for sending anonymous emails, but Amit from Digital Inspiration discovered this exploit.

This service lets you send as many messages as you want but limits abuse and spam by allowing to send only one email at a time.


Send email anonymously with Note2email

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  • Great. Just what I need these days. :) Thanks for sharing!

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  • Dave is currently down thanks to all the spammers that used the free service. :P

  • You can do the same from any news site that lets you “e-mail this article”. Not sure if they hide your IP or not, though. but there are proxies for that.