Woopra: Live Web Tracking and Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is no doubt the best free analytics tool available for webmasters and bloggers. It is an essential service to track visitor and blog/website statistics.

Several complaints have been heard from people about Google Analytics saying that it updates only once in 24-48 hours and does not include any sort of live visitor tracking tool. There are many other tools that offer live tracking, but they don’t even come near to Google Analytics when website analytics is concerned.

Woopra: Live Web Tracking and Analytics Tool

Woopra is a new live web tracking and analytics tool that lets you analyze your websites/blogs in real time. It is targeted towards small and medium websites (particularly bloggers) with up to tens of thousands of daily page views.

It is still in private beta but if you signup, there are 90% chances that yuo will be accepted soon. Current restrictions also include the number of websites you can have tracked for the beta. It has a very intuitive interface and offers advance features that include many graphical visualizations such as, charts, maps and panels.

Some of the basic Woopra features are:

  • Live Visitor Tracking
    Live tracking enables webmasters to analyze visitor statistics in real time and can track over 40 different statistical events and analytics.
  • Rich User Interface
    Woopra’s rich graphical user interface has n delays in the response time as comes with web-based programs. And it is designed to be flexible, with plans for future development of various color schemes and themes.
  • Manage Multiple Blogs and Websites
    You can track multiple blogs and websites at the same time and the quick site tabs at the top of the Woopra panel lets you acess them with one-click.
  • Deep Analytic and Search Capabilities
    The huge data can be easily searched for more deep analysis as specific user names, IP addresses, geographic locations, user browsing data, visitor history, visitor paths, arrival and departure points.
  • Chat With Visitors
    Woopra allows you to initiate chat sessions with visitors without any installation. This sounds quite creepy, and I myself scared a few of my friends by saying: Your PC has been hacked! Thanks for visiting Sizzled Core.
  • Visitor and Member Tagging
    You can tag regular site visitors with names to monitor their activities easily.
  • Easy Installation and Update Notification
    It is very easy to install and set up. WordPress and vBulletin users can use the official Woopra plugin instead of manually adding the code. The desktop application can be installed on any recent version of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Currently, Woopra is offering tons of features for free to all the private beta users and will later also add premium services.

I would recommend all bloggers to signup for Woopra because of its ease of use and the depth of statistics it provides!

Woopra: Live Web Tracking and Analytics Tool

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