Resize Desktop Icons with Mouse Scroll Wheel in Vista

by on August 14, 2008
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

Windows Vista gives you the option to resize your desktop shortcut icons quickly by right clicking on your desktop and choosing the size you want.

The usual icon size options that Vista allow users to have are Medium, Large and the Classic (default) size. Here’s a small trick by which you can resize the icons using your mouse wheels in any size you want and won’t be limited to use the default ones.

The trick is simple and very easy to try. Just left-click anywhere on the desktop, hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and move the scroll wheel on the mouse. The desktop icons will grow smaller or larger depending upon the direction of your scroll.

This trick only works on Winodws Vista. If you would like to see better results, than uncheck “Auto Arrange” option.

[Via Digital Inspiration]

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