Keep Your PC Softwares Updated with Update Notifier

by on August 12, 2008
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I have countless applications installed in my PC. Most of them have a built-in feature to automatically check for their new updated versions and some even download the updates by default. But I’m too lazy to check softwares updates for those which do not have this option.

While surfing, I found this cool little utility that can check for all your application updates. It scans your PC for all the installed applications and then displays a list of them showing which one have new updates available.

Most of the time having the latest version of a software is a good thing. Usually software updates add new features, which makes the software more usefull. Also with every update a software becomes more secure and more stable by fixing bugs & vulnerabilities from previous versions.

Update Notifier


  • no installation needed
  • low memory consumption
  • run in background
  • FREE

It is completely free to use and does not require any installation.

Download Update Notifier [Homepage]

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  • Dan

    Awesome! I use the update checker from filehippo but it doesn’t pick up a lot of the programs that this does. Great find, thanks for the info!!!