Twitt’d: Send & Receive Tweets Over IMs

by on August 9, 2008
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Twitter is no doubt the most popular micro-blogging service. I was a bit late to climb the Twitter bandwagon, but once I did, it really is addictive! I use Twitter to keep my followers updated with my latest posts and update if I’m doing anything interesting.

There are many services that allow you to post on Twitter without opening the main site. I use Twhirl for desktop and TwitterFox when I’m browsing in Firefox. If you are an IM (instant messenger) junkie and chat your whole day out, here’s one service that you will like which allows you to tweet directly from popular IMs.

Twitt\'dTwitt’d allows you to tweet directly from your favourite instant messenger, and it also fetches the latest updates from the people you follow. A Twittd’d bots sits in your contact list which lets you send and receive messages. Currently, it supports Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger and Google Talk.

How To Install Twitt’d


No installation is needed. Just add twittd to your favourite IM’s list and write something like hi, what’s up etc. You will be then asked for your Twitter username and password. Once accepted, you will instantly start receiving updates from your friends.

To tweet, simply type your message and send! You will be notified with a reply that your Twitter account has been updated.

Useful Twitt’d Commands

/updates – toggles update receiving from people you follow
/changepassword NEWPASSWORDHERE – use this if you’ve changed your Twitter account password
/forgetme – delete your Twitt’d account

Twitt’d is still in beta, so you might notice server outages at some time.

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