Live Search Webmaster Tools Out of Beta

by on August 8, 2008
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The Live Search Webmaster Tools was launched last year in beta which is similar to Google Webmaster Tools and provides some statistics about how Live Search crawls and index your site.

Live Search Webmaster Tools recently got a major update and has finally moved out of Beta. They have also introduced some new features that can help webmasters gather some statistics about how their websites are being crawled by Live Search bots and help them improve their ranking.

Live Search Webmaster Center

When you sign into the Live Search Webmaster Center you’ll be able to:

  • Discover potential issues affecting your site
    A new feature to the webmaster Center, the “Crawl Issues” feature helps webmasters to find the following issues:
    – File Not Found (404)
    – Blocked by REP
    – Long Dynamic URLs
    – Unsupported Content-Types
    For each issue, the URL and the date last found will be displayed
  • Get more and better backlink data
    This tool has been largely improved, giving webmasters access to more data about their referring links. Information about backlinks is useful as they influence the rank of a site. It’s also helpful for web publishers to know what sites link to them since these pages discuss the products/organization and identifying them can be valuable as a means of finding sources of promotion or feedback.
  • Make the data more actionable
    To quickly view the data you need you can make use of Advanced Filtering. You can filter backlinks by top-level domain, subdomain or subfolder. You can even download the data (first 1,000 results) in a CSV file (comma separated values) for quick import into Excel.

Live Search Webmaster Tools

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