Firestarter: Firewall for Ubuntu

by on August 8, 2008
in Linux

With the growing Internet threats, it is must to have a firewall for your OS to protect your system from being hacked and from spywares, viruses etc. After all, it is the main gateway to the Internet and monitors all your incoming and outgoing Internet connections being used by different applications.

Firestarter is an open source firewall for Linux with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The software aims to combine ease of use with powerful features, therefore serving both Linux desktop users and system administrators.

Firestarter: Firewall for Ubuntu LinuxIt also enables Internet sharing and allows you to define both inbound and outbound access policy with the option to whitelist or blacklist traffic. You can easily watch the active internet connections including the traffic routed through the firewall.

Key Features:

  • Open Source software, available free of charge
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Suitable for use on desktops, servers and gateways
  • Enables Internet connection sharing
  • Allows you to define both inbound and outbound access policy
  • Option to whitelist or blacklist traffic
  • Sets up DHCP for a local network
  • Real time firewall events view
  • View active network connections, including any traffic routed through the firewall
  • Advanced Linux kernel tuning features

How To Install Firestarter?

Installing is very easy. Simply open your Terminal window, and type:

sudo apt-get install firestarter

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  • masoud123

    VeryThanks Man.

  • pops

    Firestarter being a Firewall itself seems quite a common myth.
    It is in fact just another GUI frontend for configuring Iptables,which is already part of the Ubuntu installation.

    I believe the general advice now-a-days is to use UFW for easy GUI firewall configuration.

    I do(did?) like Firestarter though and indeed used it myself for quite a while prior to sticking routers on both our connections.
    Mainly for the easy ICS.