Digg Extension for Firefox 3 Released

by on August 7, 2008
in Firefox, Internet

Digg today released an official extension for Firefox 3 which adds a toolbar to your Firefox. It works pretty much like StumbleUpon toolbar. With this toolbar, you can know whether the page you are visiting is already submitted to Digg or not.

You can Digg new stories directly from this toolbar and if a story has already been stumbled, it will show you the Digg count and the number of comments on that story.

This toolbar will also give you notifications on when a story becomes popular and will notify you about it with some details at the bottom of your browser and you can also keep track of what your friends are Digging all with this small Firefox addon!

Download Digg Firefox 3 Extension

If you are still on Firefox 2, you can download the basic Digg extension for Firefox from here.

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