Monitor CPU Temperature with Core Temp

by on August 6, 2008
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The performance of your computer depends greatly on the temperature of your CPU. If it gets over-heated, it won’t function like it should and you will have problems like slow speed, or at some cases your PC might even freeze for a couple of seconds and then restart.

Core Temp is a very nice freeware utility that I use to monitor my CPU temperature. I can’t use thermal devices to check the temperature of my CPU, so this piece of software does the job quite efficiently and shows the approximate temperature in real-time.

computer core temperature

If you have a dual or quad core processor, it will show the temperature for each core individually. This utility supports all the Intel-based as well as the AMD Athlon line of processors. You can even record the temperature data of your computer over any period of time, then export the data in an Excel datasheet.

This application is just a single EXE, that makes it portable and can be carried in any USB Pen drive.

Download Core Temp

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