Customize Gmail Web Clips with your RSS Feeds

by on August 6, 2008
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A couple of days ago Gmail introduced a filter option by which none of your important emails would be sent to it’s hungry spam bin, and today I would like to share a Gmail tip with you all. You must have visited the headlines once or twice from the Web Clips at the top of your Inbox.

This Web Clips option covers the latest headlines from popular sources like HSBC, New York Times, etc. If you are not interested to read that stuff, and would rather would like to read content from your own feeds, you can change these settings from the Gmail settings itself.

You just have to go to the ‘Settings’ menu and click on the ‘Web Clips’ option. It will display you the current subscription list of the web clips. You can remove the ones that you don’t like or are irrelevant to your interest. If you would like to add new sites, simply type in the site name, feed url or keyword of your interest in the search box of the settings page and it will show you the feeds of related sites.

Customize Gmail web clips with your RSS feeds
Tip Source: Official Gmail Blog

In this way, you can easily add your favourite websites in the Web Clips list and get the latest content right in your Gmail inbox.

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