Simple Hack To Increase FeedBurner Subscriber Count

We all use FeedBurner for our blog feeds to display and gather statistics about our RSS feed subscribers. The most common is the little chicklet that you see displaying the number of RSS readers. FeedBurner is no doubt the best RSS statistics tool available, but did you know that fooling readers with high subscriber count is very easy with FeedBurner? Although it’s not ethical!

One method is to display someone else’s chicklet, but over at the thenextweb, Joop has come up with another trick that is being used by many blogs to fool their readers by displaying a high susbcriber count. The video below shows how easy it is to manipulate your number of RSS readers.

If you just got excited on finding out a trick to get more RSS subscribers, snap out of it please. Google must be on its way to patch this up, and display the original number of subscribers a feed has. It will be really interesting to see which blogs loose bunch of subscribers.

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