WordPress 2.7 Features Preview

by on August 4, 2008
in WordPress

WordPress 2.6 is barely three weeks old and people are already talking about WordPress 2.7. Version 2.5 introduced many new features and a fresh new admin dashboard theme for WordPress users. WordPress 2.6 was another feature-packed release, and now here we have 2.7, a much more feature rich version of WordPress in the making.

There are several new features planned for the final WordPress 2.7 release, but there has been no announcements for its initial beta or final release dates. But it is expected to release by the end of this year, or may be they’ll surprise us on Christmas!

WordPress 2.7 Planned Features

WordPress 2.7 has a number of new features planned that were recently posted on Weblog Tools Collection. Here are the ones that I liked the best from that list.

  • Comments API – Opens new commenting options for developers as well as users with dekstop clients to manage comments on your blog.
  • One Click Plugin Installs – Zip upload, extract and install plugins directly from your dashboard without opening your FTP client.
  • WordPress core updates – Easily upgrade your WordPress installation files with the latest version and without going through the hectic procedure of upgrading manually.
  • Default Sitemaps – WordPress 2.7 will include a default sitemap creator, which will create Google XML sitemaps for your blog.
  • Comment Threading – This feature will allow users to reply to other commentators in a threaded manner. Will work best for blogs with large discussion topics.
  • Dashboard and write box rearranging – This feature will allow users to re-arrange the widgets on the dashboard and write page to suit their preferences.
  • Admin Panel Comment Replies – According to this feature, administrators will be able to reply to comments using the admin dashboard. Currently, there are several plugins that offer similar functionality.
  • Subscribe to Comments – The WP team is also planning to include an option to allow commentators to subscribe to follow up comments through email.

As you can see, many popular plugins will retire as there funtionality will be directly integrated in WordPress. Let me know about the features that you are expecting to see in WordPress 2.7.

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