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by on August 4, 2008
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When viruses or spywares attack a PC, the harmful ones target the DLL files first and executables later. Because, even if you remove the executables, the DLLs still remain infected and because of that the only solution you are left with is to re-install Windows.

UnDLL is a free utility from NOD32 Antivirus System that allows you to remove any DLL from your system’s memory in Windows XP and 2000. Along with deleting DLLs, it also clears away registry and search for infected threads.

UnDLL - Remove DLL Files

Note: It does not find infected DLLs for you. It only removes them. So first you will have to use a  good antivurs software to find out what DLL is infected.

This utility first unloads the registry from your system’s memory, carefully deletes it and removes any traces of it from the Windows Registry. As for the deleted DLL, you will have to replace it with an original, clean DLL so that your system does not malfunction.

A system restart is needed in the end for all your changes to take effect.

Download UnDLL for Free

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