Encrypt Confidential Notes with Steganos LockNote

Making notes in your PC for passwords, documents and other important data is the most insecure way to store confidential data. Anyone who has access to your computer will be able to open and see those files.

Encrypting your data is very important to protect your confidential notes. This is where my favourite text encrypter comes in handy. Steganos LockNote is a freeware tool to encrypt and decrypt any text document in a simple, secure and independent way. You can unlock it anywhere with the help of a password.


Since your document and encrypting application will be in one, you can carry it safetly in your USB or pen drive anywhere you want because your data will be encrypted using the modern AES 256 bit encryption. It can be used to store serial keys, passwords, credit card numbers or any other confidential text data.

To encrypt, simply drag and drop existing text files on a LockNote window, enter a password and it will be encrypted automatically into an executable.

Download Steganos LockNote

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