Windows Vista Performance and Tuning Guide Released

Microsoft is trying its best to pull users towards Windows Vista. Even they have understood the fact that XP is way better and has more market share than Vista. Unofficially many tricks have been discovered for Windows Vista, but there was no official guide for customers by Microsoft.

Finally, Microsoft have released an official guide for tuning and tweaking performance on Vista. It focuses on common tweaks and performance improvements for single computer, as well as on tools used in enterprise environments.

I’d recommend this guide for every Vista user, which could help even the inexperienced users to increase the responsiveness and speed of Windows Vista.

Free Download

This guide is available as a 14 page PDF or XLS file for download. You can get it for free from the Microsoft’s website (link below).

Download Windows Vista Performance and Tuning Guide

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  • Sanu

    I do not believe in tweaks in VISTA ! The Creators have done a WILD grand opening about it . It’s the best to use, no need for tweaks and that stuff.