How To Change Boot Screen In Windows XP

by on July 31, 2008
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This is a guest post by Khaled from Talk To Gadgets. For more gizmos and gadgets tips and tricks please visit his blog.

Changing the boot screen (start up screen) is very easy but using the right tool to do so is very important. Many free tools offer boot screen replacement, but always mess up with your Windows files and the end result is that you have to re-install Windows all over again.

One of the easiest and safest method I found was by using Tuneup Utilities. It does not increase the computer boot time but it’s good to have a change.

How to change Boot Screen in Windows XP

I’ve done a step-by-step procedure on how you can change your boot screen using Tuneup Utilities.

1) Click here And Download Tune-Up Utilities

2) Once your Done with the Installation, Launch Tuneup Utilities and then Under the Customize and Analyze Menu, click on TuneUp Styler 2 ;

3) A new new window will open with 7 options. Click on “Change the windows XP boot screen, and create or download new boot screens“.

4) A new window will open, where you can load boot screens if you have stored in your computer and/or Download boot screens from the net.

5) You can also create your Own Custom boot screens By clicking on “New screen

6) To create Custom boot screen using stored images on your computer, click on “Search Local Drives”, Which is positioned on top of the sidebar, and then browse the image.

7 ) The preview of the boot screen will appear, You can then select the Alignment of the image from the sidebar. The program will automatically suggest you the background color, Its your wish to accept the suggestion or not.

8 ) Choose the Position of the Progress Bar Position.

9) Now Finally Click on “Save Boot Screen” button.

10) You Can preview your boot screen By clicking on “Show Large Preview”. If you are satisfied with your custom boot screen Then click “Install Boot Screen” button and it will be set as your Default boot screen. You can change it back to the original one anytime you want. There are many boot screens available for download (Refer to Step: 5), so its not necessary to create your own boot screen.

That’s all :) It was very simple, eh? Let me know if you liked this tutorial and I’ll be eagerly waiting for your feedback below.

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  • its work man i have another qury how to see boot process like linux

  • Nik

    i have a problem when installing Tune-Up Utilities,
    it’s saying “IT’S NOT A VALID WIN-32 APPLICATION”.
    how can i install the setup???
    please do help me…

  • nice job.. keep it up..

  • hackersclone

    this is a great software for me..but im looking for another software..also i have windows 7..can i apply this software for it?