Cuil – Not A Google Killer For Sure!

by on July 30, 2008
in Internet

cuil logo

Over the last few decades, Internet has grown massively and many new search engines have popped up aiming at the grand fathers, Google and Yahoo.

But as time passes, they all realize that it is impossible to beat Google and they do not even provide the relevancy of results. Cuil (pronounced as “Cool”) is a new search engine founded by ex-Google employees, Anna Patterson and Russell Power. They both have helped Google in making their search indexing better.


Cuil sports a black coloured homepage as opposed to the usual white. It claims to have indexed 120 billion web pages already making them the most comprehensive search engine on the web. And they also claim to provide the same quantity and relevancy of search results as Google. But do you think that’s true? I think no!

I tried searching a few terms, and believe me, it gave me all sorts of weird results with irrelevant images and sites. When searched for “Sizzled Core” it gave me some NSFW images showing hardcore pr0n! I like its layout and simplicity, but they still have to work a lot to beat Google. I even liked the keyword suggestions feature. The working technique is a bit different as it doesn’t rely on page ranking etc, rather goes a step further in analysing the content of each page before it finally gives out an organized and similar search results, sorted into categories.

Search results are displayed in a unique way. Instead of the usual list of links, they are displayed in columns with the option to choose between 2/3 column display.

cuil search result

I think this is just another over-hyped search engine because of ex-Google engineers in it, but if they really want to compete with Google, they would have to work a lot on the relevancy of results. A few searches will easily let you judge their relevancy of search results.

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  • you are absolutely right haris… they cant match google….the search results are pathetic right now….even i searched for some simple term and they showed things taht were no way related to the terms

  • I tried to find a link to add url, but could not find that most important link. Even the query TECHPAVAN resulted in some sites which link to mine, but not my site…. It has a lot to learn to be intelligent. I think they launched it very earlier before making it more accurate.

  • But i would like Cuil to get upto the mark of Google…
    Don’t want Google to Create Monopoly.

  • =P i tried searching sizlopedia. it found the right results for me.. to some extent.. it can’t match google’s results yes but it does show some potential .. although its not a threat to google.. at all right now

  • masoud123

    thanks man.