How To Modify Windows Vista To Use Custom Styles

by on July 28, 2008
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Unlike WIndows XP, Vista has some limitations when it comes to themes and styles. Any custom styles that you want to use in Windows Vista needs to be signed by Mcirosoft first.

VistaGlazz is an freeware that can easily modify your Windows Vista installation to use custom styles and modify your Aero style to use the Glass effect on maximized windows.

Transparency In Maximized Windows

If your video card is DirectX 9-certified and Windows Aero is activated, you’ll notice the transparency in it. Normally in Windows Vista, the transparency only lasts till the window isn’t maximzed. VistaGlazz ensures transparency, even when your windows are maximized.

Custom Visual Styles

The new Desktop Windows Manager (WDM) in Windows Vista only allows visual styles signed by Microsoft. Windows XP also contained a similar protection, called uxtheme.dll but that was possible to be patched by tools like UxTheme Patcher. VistaGlazz delivers the same patch to Windows Vista, allowing you to use your own visual styles.


Download VistaGlazz

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  • oh yeh thats a good program i tried it when i was customizing my vista desktop, thanks

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