Free Norman Parental Control Registration Key For 1 Year

by on July 28, 2008
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Norman Parental Control

Normal Parental Control is a popular parental control software that is used to shield the young ones from the shady sides of the Internet.

Unless children and teenagers are under constant surveillance, they are likely to visit web sites with undesirable content — deliberately or not. With this program you can take full control of when the children can access the Internet and what they are exposed to.


  • Block access to unwanted web site categories
  • Block all web sites except approved sites
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Time limit Internet access times
  • Log utility
  • Works with other security software

Free Norman Parental Control Registration Key For 1 Year

If you would like to get a FREE legal registration code for 1 year, visit the promotion page, fill the form enter the OEM code CPNPC12-UK and submit!

You should now receive the license key shortly on your email. You will enter this key while installing Norman Security Suit.


Download Norman Security Suit (Parental Control software does not come separately) from here.

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